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Daylighting with Prismatic Skylights

Daylighting is the controlled admission of natural sunlight into your building using diffused skylights in conjunction with energy-efficient lighting and a daylight-responsive lighting control system, maximizing your energy savings.

By completely diffusing incoming sunlight, prismatic skylights refract light into micro light beams, spreading the sun’s bright, natural light throughout your building’s space. This allows electric lights to be dimmed or turned off for a portion of the day while making the interior more pleasant.

Curb Mounted Prismatic Skylights

Perfect for new construction or retrofit with any CBC roof, this patented skylight features a double-glazed acrylic over acrylic lens with the highest UV resistant materials for the highest visible light transmission. Its performance provides better quality light for maximum hours, maximizing energy savings by greatly reducing electric lighting use.

Prismatic Skylight Smoke & Heat Vents

Smoke and heat vent skylights are rooftop venting systems typically used in manufacturing & industrial buildings, warehouses, and retail facilities. They automatically open, releasing heat, smoke, and noxious fumes during a fire, as required by building code section 910.

LED Lighting with Controls

Integrating our prismatic skylights with efficient LED lighting and controls provides the most efficient solution, significantly reducing energy costs and maximizing your savings. This combination can potentially reduce your annual electric lighting consumption by 40-60%.

Roof Curb System

A successful roof curb system is one of the key barriers against the elements for any building. It is essential that every component is of the highest quality and able to withstand severe weather conditions. Although choosing a roof curb specially designed for a specific metal roof profile is critical, it is only part of a successful roof curb system.