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Steel Panel Roof Systems

SS-24 & MS-24 Standing Seam Roof Systems

Our standing seam roof systems offer superior performance for any new building or retrofit application. They offer full flexibility of design and appearance, low life cycle cost, minimum maintenance, and weather tightness. For the ultimate assurance against leaks, our MS-24 has 360-degree rolled seams.

SR2 Insulated Standing Seam Roof

This insulated metal roof panel is ideal for field assembled standing seam roof applications. The SR2 allows you to achieve the clean look of a standing seam with the energy-conserving benefits that come with an insulated panel system.


Our R-Panel offers a simple and efficient roof system available in a variety of options. Its even-shadowed appearance has 1-1/4″ ribs on 12″ centers. It offers 36″ of coverage, that is reinforced between the ribs for additional strength.

Translucent Roof Panels

Our translucent roof panels are available in R-Panel at 11′-0″ lengths, and standing seam at 10′-6″ lengths. Both panels are available in insulated and non-insulated, and designed for 5′ purlin/joist spacing.